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Similar to go-import, a way to create vanity URLs for git repository paths.

Information on go-import can be found on the golang website

git-import strives to work similarly By providing a meta tag with appropriate information, git-import will clone the specified repository

The following is the meta tag for this repository, hosted on with Vanity

<meta name="git-import" content="git-import" />

Installation (Git extension)

To install the Git extension:

go install


git-get can set up SSH if applicable, however it must be run with GIT_SSH_COMMAND set in order to configure the repository properly.


Clone this repository
git get

Clone this repository with SSH
GIT_SSH_COMMAND="/usr/bin/ssh -i /home/user/.ssh/id_rsa" git-import -ssh

Clone this repository, but clone into "import-git"
git get -out import-git

Output the repository URL of this repo (without cloning)
git get -display

Output the repository SSH URL of this repo (without cloning)
git get -display -ssh