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Minecraft Manager

The Minecraft Manager plugin was created as a partner piece of the Minecraft Manager Web App.

Example config


Minecraft Manager

/minecraftmanager <sub-command> <arg1> <arg2> ...

/mcm <sub-command> <arg1> <arg2> ...


help - Show the help message.

port - Shows the port that MCM is listening on.

register - Allows a player to register for the web app.

report - Runs a report on all entities in the world, for use with the MCM online report.


/application <sub-command> <arg1>

/app <sub-command> <arg1>


search - Searches for matching applications. You can use partial names to search. If only one application is found, this command acts as though you are using info.

info - Gets specific information for a given application. Can be given a name or application ID.

  • accept and deny only work with IDs. This is to verify the correct application is being acted on.

accept - Accepts an application by ID.

deny - Denies an application by ID.

clear - Clears a denied application's status. This is to ensure that players cannot spam applications once denied.


/apply - Initiates the application process. A user must run /rules before they can apply.


/rules - Shows the current rules defined in the plugin's config.yml


/ticket <message> - Used to send in a help ticket.


/warning <player> [<severity>] <message> - Gives a warning to a player. If [] is not one of "L", "M", or "H" it will be automatically set to "L".



minecraftmanager.use - Allows the use of /mcm port and /mcm reload.

minecraftmanager.guest - This is how MCM figures out who is a "guest". This is used in the event that a player is accepted but isn't online, so all commands are ran next time they come online.

  • minecraftmanager.guest must be removed (negated) once a player is member, otherwise the commands will execute each time they log in.

minecraftmanager.apply - Allows the use of /apply.

  • minecraftmanager.apply should probably be revoked once the player has been accepted.
    Otherwise, the player could continue to re-apply. (Even though it would never register again)

minecraftmanager.ticket - Allows the use of /ticket.

Staff - Allows the use of /application search.

minecraftmanager.application.action - Allows the use of /application accept and /application deny.

  • minecraftmanager.application.* will give both of the above nodes.

minecraftmanager.staff - Allows a player to use Staff Chat (if enabled) and receive Staff messages from MCM.

minecraftmanager.register - Allows the use of /mcm register to register for the web application.

minecraftmanager.* - All permissions for MCM.

  • minecraftmanager.* also gives the minecraftmanager.apply node, which should probably be revoked in normal use cases.